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Week in Review - 28 October 2017

No-one could have missed the fuss caused by that CNN article alleging that Namibia had maintained ties with North Korea in defiance of United Nations sanctions and how this could potentially lead to the UN imposing sanctions on us in response. There were those who believed the article, those who didn't – labelling it fake news and part of an ongoing war between the broadcaster and the current US president, and even those who seemed to get slightly confused thinking that it was the United States trying to tell us what to do and who to be friends with. Government was perhaps slightly slow in responding but did issue a statement denying all allegations and reassuring Namibians that we had said goodbye to the North Koreans in the country a long time ago and that we were in full compliance with the UN sanctions regime on North Korea … but then they told us that last year as well.
Sticking with conspiracy theory type news, the long withheld JFK files were released this week, or at least most of them were – the FBI and CIA managed to ensure that roughly 300 documents have been kept secret for a further 6 months, when their release will once again be reviewed, due to reasons of 'national security', which will of course do nothing to calm the conspiracy theorists out there down.
Getting back to local news it was reported that Unam students with outstanding fees will be allowed to write their examinations on condition that 50% of their tuition fees are settled, Namwater agreed to loan government N$ 600 million towards settling part of the outstanding debt on the Neckertal Dam project, we found out that Namibians are the heaviest alcohol drinkers per capita on the continent, and in news that, in light of that last fact, may have caused some to raise a toast and others to perhaps drown their sorrows the Bank of Namibia decided to leave the Repo rate unchanged at 6.75%.
South Africa waited in hope this week for some good news in Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba's mini-budget speech but were left disappointed as he seemed to leave all major decisions on turning the economy around to next year's budget in February while also revealing that the revenue shortfall had grown to R50.8 billion from an anticipated R30 billion. There was some good news from the country though as it is reported that a cheap mass-produced plastic heart value that has the potential to save millions of people is to undergo a full clinical trial, and justice was served in the case of two men who forced another into a coffin and threatened to douse him in petrol and set him alight when they were sentenced to 11 and 14 years in prison respectively.
Kenyans took to the polls this week, or at least some of them did as many polling stations reported record low turnout in a re-run of an earlier election annulled by the Supreme Court, counting was delayed due to violence in which at least 4 people lost their lives but incumbent president Uhuru Kenyatta was expected to win by a landslide after rival Raila Odinga and his National Super Alliance boycotted the poll. Elsewhere in Africa the World Health Organisation warned up to 9 countries to be on high alert for the so-called black death plague, the third place finisher in Liberia's presidential elections submitted a complaint and called for the results to be annulled, and calling and sending text messages could become cheaper as regional integration blocs in sub-Saharan Africa have agreed to abolish roaming charges.
Internationally China has put the cat amongst the pigeons and has surely upset the United States by announcing that they will launch a yuan-denominated oil contract as early as this year, Australia got one step closer to the passing of the country's first assisted dying law, Japan's Prime Minister secured a big victory in Sunday's election and is talking tough on North Korea, and in possibly the worst news all week worldwide wine production has fallen 8.2 percent to a 50 year low so it may be wise to stock up while you can.