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Week in Review - 09 September 2017

Fresh off of last week's Hurricane Harvey that battered Houston Texas and the flooding that monsoon rains caused in much of the Asian sub-continent, this week it was Irma that was doing the damage, the category 5 hurricane decimated the island of Barbuda, leaving at least 50% of inhabitants homeless and destroying at least 95% of all buildings on the island. The Hurricane also completely cut off the island of St. Martin after causing extensive damage to both the air and sea-ports. Irma is the largest Caribbean storm in recorded history and is said to have maintained its intensity for longer than any other storm has managed. The storm has also damaged buildings and cost lives in islands including both the British and US Virgin Islands, Peurto Rico, Anguilla, and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Irma is also expected to affect parts of Cuba, as well as The Bahamas before turning northwards and hitting the mainland US Coastline in Florida.
As if that part of the world wasn't suffering enough on Friday morning it was also reported that a magnitude 8.1 earthquake had struck off Mexico's Pacific coast, claiming several lives in Mexico and at least one in neighbouring Guatemala, as well as triggering a tsunami warning.
Locally there was relief as the Ministry of Finance announced a second tax arrear recovery programme that will run from September 11th 2017 up until March 11th 2018 and will include as an option the chance to pay off outstanding amounts owed to the receiver in instalment payments over the amnesty period. Staying in Namibia it was reported that the company building the Neckertal Dam has had to reduce shift hours due to incomplete payment by government, Namibia's airports and border posts are in the process of switching to a new biometric system, the Unam Faculty of Health Sciences is to launch four new specialised qualifications, and President Hage Geingob and a delegation of Ministers along with the First Lady will be attending the 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, while also conducting other meetings and business at the same time.
There was good news on the financial front as it was reported South Africa and Nigeria, sub-Saharan Africa's two largest economies, had emerged from recession, while there was bad news for South Africans as the price of fuel increased sharply with local economists pointing out the knock on effect this will have from everything from transportation and commuting to food and agricultural prices. In other financial news Shoprite shareholders voted in favour of buying roughly 1.75 billion Rands worth of shares from ex-CEO Whitey Basson, which this journalist hopes he uses in a similar vein to PSG founder Jannie Mouton, who has used some of his billions to create a philanthropic organisation which aims to plough back into and develop the country.
Elsewhere in Africa, UN investigators have accused Burundi's government of crimes against humanity including executions and torture, it was revealed that a fire that killed nine teenage girls at a Kenyan high school dormitory was started deliberately, while Kenya's Raila Odinga refused a power sharing option and also rejected the initial date selected for a rerun of elections, claiming he had not been consulted. Meanwhile a spate of unsolved murders in Uganda has put massive public pressure on the police, and armed forces from various SADC member states were on high alert for possible deployment following the murder of Lesotho's army chief and two senior officers on Tueday.
Internationally the UN said it had evidence that Syrian government forces were behind April's horrific Saron Gas attack, Catalonia took one step closer to seceding from Spain, International condemnation grew against Myanmars de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi for her country's treatment of the marginalised Rohingya Muslim minority.