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Week in Review - 02 September 2017

Water was in the news in a big way this week with most of the world's attention focused on Houston Texas following the battering the southern US state received from Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey even though the damage caused by monsoon rains and subsequent flooding in the Asian sub-continent was playing out to be a far greater disaster. While not to diminish the tragedy of at least 40 people having lost their lives in America the sad fact was that over 1200 people died mostly unnoticed by the world in India, Nepal, and Bagladesh, with millions more being uprooted following the worst monsoon flooding in recorded history. Africa was not spared water based disasters this week either as thousands of people in Niger were urged to evacuate homes following floods that killed at least 16 people, and on Friday it was reported that Nigeria too had been affected with more than 100 000 people having fled their homes in the south east.
Locally suspects found guilty of crimes continued to be sentenced to long terms of imprisonment with a mechanic who was found guilty of brutally stabbing his girlfriend to death in 2013 being sentenced to 35 years and the man convicted of shooting a Finnish national in a road rage incident outside a Windhoek bar in 2015 being sent away for a total of 28 years. In other local news Namibia signed three agreements with China including one for the upgrading of a section of the road between Windhoek and the Hosea Kutako International Airport, B2Gold revealed that they are building a 7MW solar power plant at their Otjikoto mine, and it was announced that Namibia is to be included in a expansion of the SKA Telescope project with remote stations to be commissioned at Maltahohe, Karibib, Okahandja, and Opuwo.
In South Africa the Constitutional Court ruled that new homeowners are not liable for historical debt taken over from previous owners, a Spanish renewable energy company announced the completion of their latest plant and the fact that they now supply clean energy to almost 1 million South Africans in the Northern Cape province, and the country was all aflutter with news that a university student from Port Elisabeth had had R14.1 million erroneously paid into her account and had thereafter gone on a spending spree – it didn't end well for her though as it was confirmed that she would be expected to pay back the R818 000 she spent and could also be facing civil or criminal charges.
Kenya made the news twice this week, first for the news that they had decided to ban plastic bags outright with offenders facing fines of between 17 and 38 thousand US Dollars, and then again on Friday as the Supreme Court ruled that the recently held elections in which Uhuru Kenyatta once again won the presidency were invalid, set them aside, and ordered the country to hold fresh elections within 60 days.
Internationally a German nurse - already serving a life sentence for murdering two patients – is now a suspect in at least 84 other murder cases, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres insisted that a two state solution in Israel is the only viable option, The UK urged the UN Security council to investigate mass civilian casualties in Myanmar while 57 rights groups from around the world demanded they investigate abuses in Yemen. In good news Chile's President sent legislation to Congress seeking to legalise gay marriage and US health officials have approved a breakthrough Cancer treatment that genetically engineers a patient's own blood cells to destroy childhood leukaemia.
And finally, South Africa's Health Minister has voiced what many have long been thinking when he called out African leaders who sought medical treatment outside the continent, calling them 'medical tourists'.