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Week in Review - 26 August 2017

Angola went to the polls this week in elections that marked the end of MPLA leader Jose Eduardo dos Santos' 38 year rule, as mostly expected the ruling party once again won the elections, however unlike in Kenya Angolan opposition party UNITA seemed to accept the result. According to election officials the MPLA won just over 64% of the vote which means that former Minister of Defence, Joao Lourenco, who was handpicked by dos Santos will be sworn in as the country's new president.
Locally Judge Christie Liebenberg continued his welcome trend of imposing heavy sentences when he sentenced Hendrik !Nowoseb to an effective 44 years in prison after he was found guilty of stabbing his former girlfriend to death inside the Outjo State Hospital. In better news for the country, it was announced that Gobabis is to get a larger shopping mall, bringing much needed investment and jobs to the eastern town, the Gross Barmen Resort announced that they had completed the first step in a plan to re-introduce wildlife with the addition of a herd of Springbok, and the Agricultural Bank of Namibia said that it is planning to offer free mentorship programmes to farmers.
Zimbabwe's First Lady Grace Mugabe was still in the news this weekend as on Sunday it was revealed that she had been granted diplomatic immunity and allowed to leave South Africa, a decision the Minister of International Relations said in a letter to Parliamentary Speaker Baleke Mebete, prior to being called to explain herself to parliament, was a “painful decision to make”, Mbete in the meantime had troubles of her own as it was revealed that the ANC top brass were extremely upset with her for having ruled that the motion of no-confidence in Jacob Zuma could be conducted by secret ballot and expect her to explain herself.
Still in South Africa, it was revealed that more than half of the country's population is living in poverty, the world's first online auction of rhino horn began despite continued concern from wildlife and anti-trafficking organisations, there was good news for wool producers as suggestions were made that output could surge by about 50% on the back of a global shortage, and the country was gripped by the case of cannibals in Kwazulu-Natal who admitted to killing and eating people and also to supplying hundreds of people in the vicinity with human flesh.
Nigeria's President, Muhammadu Buhari finally returned to the country and immediately began hitting out at calls for the succession of Biafra state, meanwhile staying in Nigeria the UN expressed concern over the fact that Boko Haram is increasingly making use of children as suicide bombers – pointing out that 83 children had been used as bombers so far in 2017, including a baby strapped to a young girl. 
Internationally the USA stood still and united once again this week as the country experienced the first full solar eclipse since 1918, albeit only for the up to 7 minutes 31 seconds it took to take place, India ruled against the controversial Muslim law of 'triple talaq' and also, in a seperate case, that the right to privacy is fundamental. Civilians continued to be killed by air-strikes in both Syria and Yemen, a magnitude 4 earthquake struck an Italian resort island, and at least 10 sailors were missing and presumed dead following a collision between a US war ship and a merchant vessel. Researchers also discovered a new 'garbage patch' in the South Pacific.
And finally in some good news, Novartis are testing a new antimalarial medicine to tackle drug-resistant strains, over 2000 animals from South Africa and Swaziland have been moved to a Mozambique park, and Qatar approved a new law protecting domestic workers.