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New Music: 23 February 2017

The Weekend ft Daft Punk - I feel it coming
The Weeknd will release his new album, Starboy, next Friday via XO/Republic. In anticipation of the release, he’s shared two new songs, including a new collaboration with Daft Punk called “I Feel It Coming.” Stream it below. “I Feel It Coming” is the second collaboration with Daft Punk, after the title track. It also follows the previously released “False Alarm.”
In addition to Daft Punk, Starboy features Lana Del Rey, Kendrick Lamar, and Future. The Weeknd’s previous album, Beauty Behind the Madness, was released last year.


Linkin Park ft Kiiara - Heavy
Here it is. Linkin Park have officially returned to the scene with their brand new single ‘Heavy’ featuring Kiiara.
The band hyped up their single with some in-studio teasers of making of the song over the last couple of days and had announced that the full song would arrive on Feb. 16th. Right on time, the official lyric video has been released today, featuring guest vocals from Kiiara who made a mark last year with her incredible song ‘Gold‘.



Jimmy Eat World - You are free
“You Are Free” is earnest and comforting, on the edge of cloying, and unabashedly anthemic—like all of Jimmy Eat World’s best songs, it tells you what you need to hear right when you’re vulnerable enough to hear it. “Amazing the emotional bridges, tunnels, roads and ways we go around what’s one step from our face,” Adkins sings. “You Are Free” echoes the sentiments of “The Middle,” but not its belief that “everything will be alright”—it can be, if you’re willing to accept your responsibility.



Ed Sheeran - Castle on the hill
When cheeky chappy Ed Sheeran posted a picture announcing new music for 2017, you might have heard the low rumble of excitement flowing through the whole country. After a hiatus following his X album in 2014, this is what we have been waiting for from the lovable ginger. And didn’t he just spoil us. He released not one but two long-awaited singles from his new album, due for release in March. I can confirm that they are both absolute hits, and it is no wonder that both occupied the two tops spots in the charts.

From ‘Shape of You’ and ‘Castle on the Hill’, Sheeran is showing his versatility as an artist, and that he hasn’t lost his magic. As well as being back on social media after taking a year off from Twitter, he is back with a bang, showing that he can get down and boogie, whilst also pulling our heart-strings and making us reminiscent back to our precious childhoods.



Magic! - No Regrets
Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard much from MAGIC! lately. Though the Canadian reggae-pop band recently released an album, Primary Colours, this past July, they haven’t exactly lit up the airwaves like they did so mightily back in 2014 with their hit, “Rude.” However, that doesn’t mean their new material isn’t worth giving a go — the band’s music video for “No Regrets” premiered today, and it’s a great reason as to why they should still be on everyone’s radar.

The video for “No Regrets” is beautifully made, and it supplements the slow building pop ballad perfectly. As the band performs the song in a broken and destroyed home, vocalist Nasri Atweh reconnects with a lost love hoping to rekindle the relationship, this time with “no regrets.” It’s a stark contrast from their “Rude” days, as the band tries to win back the girl rather than win over her father.