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New Music: 14 February 2017

Katy Perry - Chained to the rhythm
Katy Perry offered her first performance of her new track “Chained to the Rhythm” on the Grammy stage and it was impossible not to notice its heavily symbolic nature.

The song itself is a darker message cloaked beneath a pop tune with an 80s flair -- dissecting the idea the world contains itself in a bubble, blissfully ignorant to the issues awaiting just outside.

Perry came for this in a straight shot, the stage bearing a house and white picket fence a singing Perry stands behind. Wearing a white suit and rose colored glasses -- yes, we caught that Katy -- she impeccably shows off her vocal range singing “So comfortable, we cannot see the trouble, trouble/So put your rose-colored glasses on/And party on.”


Imagine Dragons - Believer
Alternative rock collective Imagine Dragons return with a gargantuan, new single, “Believer.” All in all, you should ‘believe’ in it.

Imagine Dragons have become kind of a big deal – understatement.  In 2012, the alternative band dropped a well-received debut album, Night Visions, featuring megahit, “Radioactive.” The follow-up album, Smoke + Mirrors, arrived in 2015.  It didn’t have a hit nearly as big as “Radioactive” or “Demons,” but still performed well upon its arrival on the Billboard 200.  Since Smoke, the Dragons have appeared on a soundtrack single, “Sucker for Pain” (Suicide Squad).  Now in 2017, they make their return, in anticipation for their third studio album with “Believer.”



Michael Buble - I believe in you
Following an update of his style (“Nobody but Me”) and a record playing his style tried-and-true (“My Kind of Girl”), Michael Bublé issues a third single, “I Believe in You.” “I Believe in You” shows another side of Bublé – his pop side.  “I Believe in You” is by no means a departure – many times, Bublé has released pop songs throughout his career.  “Home,” “Haven’t Met You Yet,” and “It’s a Beautiful Day” are a few contemporary pop songs that come to mind.

“I Believe in You” opens with rhythmic acoustic guitar – a far cry from the two previous singles released from Nobody but Me.  As referenced earlier, the sound is more pop-oriented sound, specifically, adult contemporary pop. This provides a welcome contrast, not unlike Bublé’s past pop records.




Vaughn Ahrens - In the Clear
After much internal struggle, self-doubt, funding issues, long drives, rocky nights and a lot of dues paid, I am finally releasing my debut single. And here she is. Remember to tune in to Radiowave 96.7fm at 13:45 for it's radio debut.