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New Music: 11 January 2017

Alessia Cara - How far I'll go
Alessia Cara and Moana have released the sweet video for the single "How Far I'll Go." The Lin-Manuel Miranda-penned power ballad will appear in the upcoming Disney film starring Auli'i Cravalho and Dwayne Johnson.

The video begins with a clip of Moana sailing across the ocean at night. It transitions to Cara on a beach alone, walking barefoot and examining her surroundings. While taking in the beauty of the ocean and her location, Cara builds a device to make symbols and drawings in the sand. By the end, the camera pans out to reveal the beautiful design Cara has created on the beach, which may play a role in the upcoming film.


Bastile - Blame
Lethargy is one of the most ironic titles on Wild World: all colours, call-to-arms and the need for change. Smith wants to escape and overthrow a miasma – chorus lines and beats that recall Bastille’s debut best. Blame kicks and swaggers with blues-rock cool – a little bit of The Black Keys at times – and is a toothy, snarling song. A quiet-loud dynamic (to start) mutates into a wide-eyed, level-headed drive and foot-moving declaration. Some of the tracks can get a bit samey, especially towards the end, but Bastille’s charm and exceptional performances make every song shine and crackle with light and life.





Bon Jovi - Roller Coaster
“Knockout” and “Rollercoaster” show that Bon Jovi has been listening to the radio, with their amped-up, pop-leaning choruses that would still fit nicely next to “Runaway.” But the tender “Labor of Love,” which showcases new guitarist Phil X’s shimmering work, and the aching beauty of “Scars on This Guitar” show how Bon Jovi continues to grow.

“This House Is Not for Sale” doesn’t have any country tinges, none of the experimentation that has marked recent Bon Jovi albums. There’s nothing wrong with that, though some will miss some of the hard-rocking edge that Sambora’s guitar used to bring. Nevertheless, Bon Jovi knows how to be Bon Jovi and they still do it better than anyone else.





KT Tunstall - It took so long
The last few years have been a bit tumultuous for Scottish singer KT Tunstall. She relocated to Los Angeles and considered giving up music entirely — until her new surroundings prompted a wave of creativity that jolted her back. The result is her latest album, KIN, and one of her best songs yet, "It Took Me So Long To Get Here, But Here I Am."

The promotional single "Evil Eye" is also on the album. It was the very first song to be released from the album, but it was initially released as a single from the Golden State EP. Another promotional song was released on 19 August, It Took Me So Long to Get Here, But Here I Am. The song then became a single on November 2016. A music video was broadcast on November 30, 2016.

Following "Maybe It's a Good Thing", Tunstall announced that the first radio broadcast for her second single, "Hard Girls", would premiere on the Zoë Ball show for BBC Radio. A music video of the song, featuring Melanie C from Spice Girls was broadcast on September 13, 2016.




One Republic - Let's hurt tonight
In that fashion is “Wherever I Go,” the lead single off the band’s new album Oh My My (out October 7). It’s one of the year’s underrated pop records, and it’s a different sound for the band. The chorus is quick-paced and mostly relies on keyboards over the countrified boom of “Counting Stars” and “Love Runs Out.”

So it’s a surprise that “Let’s Hurt Tonight” opens up the album. It’s a pop hymn, and however grand it is, it feels like an American Idol crowning song that could have gone to someone like Phillip Phillips. And yet, somehow, it works for these guys.




Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You
For “Castle on the Hill,” Sheeran teamed up with pop hitmaker Benny Blanco, who also produced his 2014 single “Don’t.” But where that tune served up a rhythmic, booty-shaking boom bap, “Castle” aims for something far grander: it’s a soaring guitar anthem, with Edge-style guitar heroics and sweetly nostalgic lyrics. “When I was six years old I broke my leg,” he croons. “I was running from my brother and his friends.” A couplet like that might sound cornball, only now there’s real grit in Sheeran’s voice — the massive chorus all but begs you to sing along.