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New Music: 27 December 2016

Zara Larsson - I would like
While we are eagerly waiting for Zara Larsson’s international debut album, the Swedish pop star is surely taking her time. After a few rumours about release dates, we still have no idea when it is exactly being released, but at least we get a brand new track today. After the release of her latest single ‘Ain’t My Fault’ in September, she suprised us by suddenly dropping another tune, called ‘I Would Like’. It is young, poppy, fun and sexy. In other words, she once again delivers!

Larsson, who experienced an international breakthrough last year with the singles ‘Lush Life’ and ‘Never Forget You’, explored the slightly more urban side of her music with ‘Ain’t My Fault’ and now goes into the direction of dance with ‘I Would Like’. Needless to say the production is as contemporary as could be and Zara sounds as sensual and sassy as always. She convincingly delivers the lyrics full of desire and all together this track is a nice addition to her discography so far. At the same time it feels like she is playing on the safe side and we would like to be surprised a tad more by some more original or out of the box choices on a next track. An album would be great as well, thanks!


Calum Scott - Rhythm Inside  
The follow-up to Dancing On My Own, Rhythm Inside was co-written by Calum with songwriter Corey Sanders and Cutfather and produced by Fraser T Smith (Adele). The track is the first original material that fans have heard from the singer-songwriter.

“Rhythm Inside is my first original piece of music and the concept is about those feelings you have when you meet that special person” says Calum, “I see it as the exciting inner journey you go through- I imagine the blood rushing through your veins, your hair standing on end, and the flutters that you have in your belly. Most people have had that feeling about someone at some point in their lives and it’s nice to be able to write something hopeful.”

Calum has enjoyed a phenomenally successful year following the release of Dancing On My Own. Originally self-released, the song’s momentum landed Calum a record deal with Capitol Records, with Virgin EMI releasing his music in the UK, and has sold over 1 million copies in the UK