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New Music: 30 September 2016

The Fray - Singing Low  
Singing Low is the lead single from The Fray’s upcoming singles compilation. Is it supposed to be a culmination of everything that’s come before it? Is it supposed to show the new horizons the band will explore? Is it supposed to be a smash hit like so many of their singles before it? It’s seemingly supposed to do all three, and as such is unlikely to actually accomplish any one.

The new track actually skews closest to The Fray’s breakout debut album, How to Save a Life. It may not have that record’s style of baroque ornamentation, instead opting for expensive-sounding synth pads, but it does have the sweeping, moody style down-pat. Singer Isaac Slade displays an impressive falsetto in the chorus, and his trademark emotional yelps in the verses. Thanks to his voice, the song is identifiably by The Fray, but with the smooth instrumental and falsetto it could also be mistaken for an early Coldplay song. It’s enjoyable, but forgettable. It’s easy to sing along to the chorus’ drawn out notes, but once the song is over, they don’t stick in your head like You Found Me. The Fray have never exactly been the kings of emotional depth or creativity, so without catchiness, what do they have?


Nick Fradiani - All On You
To say the singer's debut album on Big Machine is a long-time coming is an understatement. Nick Fradiani -- who won American Idol in 2015 -- is set to drop his new LP, titled Hurricane, this Friday (August 5). And the 12-track project contains stabbing pop hooks, syrupy R&B drips and is arriving at the right time to throw its proverbial hat into the ring as the pop album of the summer. Songs like Nothing to Lose and In the Long Run are ripe for heavy Top 40 rotation, while the slow bubble of All on You and the uproarious chorus of Howl at the Moon stick on your brain like bubble gum on your sneaker. Elsewhere, the singer, 30, strips it all back for the album's two finest, most intimate and undeniably moving moments, Love is Blind and piano burner If I Didn't Know You -- the latter is quite an exquisite vocal adornment on top of a gliding melody and sharply written lyric. This is Fradiani's now.




Bastille - Send Them Off  
Bastille are back with a brand new tune titled “Send Them Off” and you can stream it right here!

The track serves as the latest single off of their upcoming sophomore album Wild World, which will be released on September 9th.

“We wanted to sort of make a big, bombastic, swaggering hip-hop track,” frontman Dan Smith told BBC Radio 1. “And then have, obviously, my vocals come in and it suddenly becomes all depressing and Bastille-y.”




SIA - The Greatest  
I think it’s safe to say there is no stopping Sia. The pop star and singer-songwriter has released an impressive string of hits over the past few years writing for other artists but mostly herself, including ‘Chandelier’, ‘Elastic Heart’, ‘Alive’ and most recently her first US solo number 1 ‘Cheap Thrills’. Although she released the album This is Acting full of potential hits not too long ago, she already decided to move on with the all new track ‘The Greatest’ featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Strangely enough, Lamar’s verse is not included in the video version of ‘The Greatest’ which was uploaded on YouTube. Luckily for the diehard Sia fans, young dancer Maddie Ziegler is back at it again. She once again delivers a quirky choreography to Sia’s catchy pop melodies. 




Trenton & Free Radical - No Ceiling
South African local band Trenton and Free Radical is back with a new single called ‘No Ceiling’ following a break from playing live gigs. 

Produced by award winning German producers Stephan Bader and Andre Tolba, ‘No Ceiling’ has since gained traction on radio stations across the country. The song's video, directed by the Jo'burg-based Gigh Zack, has been screened by MTV Base.

Headed by Trenton Birch, the band clinched a deal in early 2015 with German manager Volker May, head of the International Music Mangers Forum. The deal with Volker will see Trenton and Free Radical tour Europe over the next few years.