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New Music: 11 August 2016

Wrabel - 11 Blocks
In an age where anyone with a laptop can easily record a song from the comfort of their own home, the singer-songwriter genre has become incredibly overcrowded. It’s harder now than ever before to get noticed despite the barriers to entry being at an all time low, which is why we are kind of fascinated by the quiet rise of Epic Records’ artist Wrabel. His take on pop music is a layered and painfully honest affair that has had us tapping along to his unique sound for months, and his latest single should be all the convincing anyone needs before hopping on his fast-growing bandwagon.


James Bay - Craving  
The emphatic electric guitar riff and heavily pounding drums that open Chaos and the Calm set the stage for an album that is different than anything James Bay has produced in the past, yet not unexpected: “Craving” is a soul-searching, beat driven ballad from a heavy-handed folk singer-songwriter discovering the emotional powers of a fully-stocked rock band. Bay’s illustrative lyrics lie at the core of the music, but it’s the way in which Bay manipulates these everyday words, – literally, descriptions of the mundane – through evocative singing and finely-tuned orchestration, that makes “Craving” a magical experience and the perfect entrance to James Bay’s debut album.



Coin - Talk Too Much  
Fans of COIN might have picked up by now that we’re quite sweet on the Nashville-based pop-rock quartet.
So now we have the first listen of “Talk Too Much,” COIN’s lead single off their upcoming full length album. The summery, feel-good song gets an official release tomorrow (May 6).

“We wrote ‘Talk Too Much’ on our first day writing for a new record,” COIN’s Chase Lawrence explains. “We just came off a two-month tour playing pseudo punk songs. We wanted to slow it down to the likes of ’80s new wave. The song came easier than any other song I’ve ever written. In a few hours, we wrote a song about my inability to leave it unsaid. I’m gonna stop there.”




Tove Lo - Cool Girl  
Swedish pop star Tove Lo released her new single “Cool Girl” on Thursday (Aug. 4), and the upbeat pop single is inspired by the decidedly downbeat movie Gone Girl.

The song - from the Tove’s upcoming, yet-untitled sophomore album -- plays on the typical summer bubblegum pop sound the music world yearns for yet with lyrics depicting a numb, going-nowhere relationship that acts as a slap in the face to the "ideal woman" (or “cool girl”).

“I’m totally fine with the gray area,” Tove Lo said in an interview with Rolling Stone about the fake love depicted in the single. “That’s usually where it’s effortless. I can tell that he’s trying to play this game with me, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, go ahead. Do your thing. I’m being chill.’ But then in the bridge, I reveal that’s not what I want. I want to have a fire. I want to feel that.”




Simple Plan - Singing In The rain  
Taking One For the Team starts to become problematic when it overreaches for inspiration. Such is the case on “Singing In the Rain”, a misguided and nigh disrespectful appropriation of reggae that sounds like Sublime relocated deep into the suburbs. Simple Plan probably didn’t mean any harm with this slight and pandering ditty, but listen to Bouvier stretch his voice into a slight Jamaican accent and try not to cringe. It’s one thing to expand your sound and another to shamelessly co-opt a tradition you know next to nothing about, and Simple Plan find themselves on the wrong side of that line here.




Colbie Caillat - Goldmine
Colbie Caillat is in love and couldn't be happier in her new song "Goldmine," a sunny number that's liable to have you whistling along in glee. 

One can almost feel the coastal breeze on the peppy track as the Malibu native opens, singing with an infectious whistle, ukulele and light percussion accompanying, "If all I had was a dollar and your bright smile / I'd have a dollar more than I would need to get by / cause I'm a billionaire if you count every sunrise / walkin' by your side and every good night." 

The feel good tune originated through a writer, Caillat tells Billboard, she's actually never met named Taylor Berrett. But when Caillat's friend Kara DioGuardi passed the track along she was almost instantly hooked on it. From there, things came together quickly with some help from modern technology.