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New Music: 15 July 2016

Elle King - Good Girls
Elle King has unveiled the video for "Good Girls," her song contribution to Ghostbusters: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

In the video, King sings her rousing, blues-tipped tune in a ghost-filled laundromat and also at a rowdy bar. "I do what the good girls don't," she grittily sings. "I do what the good girls should never ever, never ever do."

In the case of her video, the kinds of things she likes to do is play pool, smoke cigars, beat a guy at arm wrestling, do shots, perform and of course zap ghosts. Scenes from the film, which stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, are peppered throughout the video.




Lunatic Wolf - Please dont 

The strength of the band is its vocals. “Roses” is a good example. Nothing about the song is complex, although clearly much thought went into the presentation (there’s a complexity in its simplicity). The song begins with an acoustic guitar and a single voice. Later, other voices enter and, although those backing vocals seem minimal if measured in terms of time or syllables, they are powerful if the measurement is the impact on a listener. And, the instruments are carefully mixed and mastered into the vocalization fabric.

If we were pressured to identify a comparable artist/band, our response wouldn’t be useful to many. We would identify a young Graham Nash, who similarly generated simple yet powerful music. His “Simple Man” (1971) and Lunatic Wolf’s “Roses” have much in common. 




Elle King - Good Girls

One of our favourite voices in South African pop music, Jesse Clegg, is back! The singer has taken some time off to record his upcoming album The Unseen, which drops in a few days, and has chosen a killer track to serve as the album’s next single. Breathing, featuring the vocals of the uber-talented Shekhinah, sees Jesse head out in a bit of a new direction – and we love it!

Jesse’s music has always been more than a sort of poetry than a generic pop song and this is exactly the case with this track. However, Jesse enters a territory he has never been in before as he adds heavy elements of deep house into the song. Still, the production doesn’t overshadow his vocals that he puts on full display here. Jesse is incredibly talented and if we ever needed proof, this is it. Shekhinah also adds a beautiful element to the song and I love how their voices match so effortlessly.