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New Music: 29 April 2016

Mike Posner - I took a pill in Ibiza
Singer-songwriter Mike Posner talks to Billboard about his Hot 100 hit "I Took a Pill in Ibiza," Avicii's reaction to the song that he inspired and why there was a "dark spot" after his debut album, 31 Minutes to Takeoff. 

So did you really take a pill in Ibiza?

I was working with Avicii in Sweden, and it was ice cold -- so when he had a gig in Ibiza, I flew down there. He played a song he had written that week, and people liked it. I'm an artist -- I'm insecure and a bit narcissistic, so I'm feeling a little jealous. Then these people recognized me. People don't usually know who I am, so that felt good. When they were like, "You want one of these?," and offered me this plastic baggie, I said, "Sure, man."

How did Avicii react to being mentioned in the song?

He's one of the first who heard it. He even gave me a quote for the press junket. We talked about him producing the song, but I thought, "Nah, I got to do this on my own."




Jamie Lawson - Someone for everyone
Sheeran released Lawson’s fourth, self-titled album late last year, expressing hope that it would pick up play at “my dad’s dinner parties”. This should have been the kiss of death but was instead inexplicably regarded as a recommendation: on the verge of his 40th birthday, Lawson saw the record go to No 1.

This precipitous rise from obscurity is baffling, as Lawson is such an unremarkable, journeyman talent. In the currently cluttered field of showily sensitive male singer-songwriters, he possesses no discernible selling point. He is Sheeran without the endearing glimpses of wit and humanity; Damien Rice minus the depths and the dark side.

Fronting a functional band with an ingratiating grin apparently welded to his face, Lawson primarily suggests some ghastly amalgam of James Blunt and Ben Haenow. His excruciatingly sentimental lyrics could be the handiwork of a moonlighting Clintons cards copywriter: the jaw-droppingly platitudinous Someone for Everyone (“Don’t worry / If you can’t find love in a hurry”) could very easily be retitled There are More Fish in the Sea, or At Least You’ve Got Your Health.





Meg Myers - Motel
Meg Myers is just three days away from the September 18 release of her debut album, Sorry, and she’s teasing that launch with the premiere of her ambling, hushed new track, “Motel.” “Someone let me out / I can’t stop this pain / It only grows,” she snarls in clipped whispers as the gripping instrumentation behind her swells and crests.

“‘Motel’ was inspired mostly by being on the road and searching for beauty in ugly situations,” Myers told SPIN of the track. “This also applies to everyday life for me. Feeling alone, lost and hopeless at times, I needed to write something to pull myself up out of it all. I used to write a lot about really dark subjects only, and this song was a way for me to finally find joy amidst the pain. The Townes Van Zandt quote I used in this song really resonated for me because he put into words what I’ve never quite been able to, and he’s such a huge inspiration to me. God bless him.”