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New Music: 14 April 2016

Al Bairre - Tunnels
Al Bairre’s Mouthful Of Symphonic Indie Pop
It takes an enormous amount of talent to become a successful band without an official album or EP release. Al Bairre has a lot of talent because somehow they have managed to become one of South Africa’s most popular and beloved indie-pop bands without any formal releases unless you count their informal EP that they used to hand out at shows entitled When I Was Tall, but so few people have that EP that it is probably irrelevant to bring it up.

Al Bairre has an interesting future ahead of them if The Al Bairre Show is anything by which to go. It is a mini-LP that showcases a band just coming into their own unique sound but still remaining attached to the place from which they came. This can be seen by the inclusion of “Right Here In July”, “We Move On” and “Tunnels” – all three of which have been reworked to match Al Bairre’s slick, new symphonic indie pop sound. It is a sound that truly works for the band and leaves them with a very promising future. This may not be labelled as an album, but it is one that falls into the current shortlist for Album of the Year.

Rachel Platten - Better Place
On February 19, 2015, "Fight Song" was released as the lead single from Platten's Fight Song EP. "Fight Song" peaked at number six on the US Billboard Hot 100 and topped the UK Singles Chart. "Stand by You" was released as the lead single from Wildfire on September 11, 2015. It has since peaked at number thirty eight on the Billboard Hot 100. The songs "Lone Ranger", "Beating Me Up", and "Congratulations" were available as pre-order singles (previously released as part of the Fight Song EP), as well as "Better Place". Wildfire is the third studio album by American singer and songwriter Rachel Platten.

On March 24, 2016, "Better Place" was released as the third single from the album.




Birdy - Wild Horses
The British singer-songwriter started the new era in her career with the uplifting and incredibly catchy single ‘Keeping Your Head Up’ and released the moving title track as a second promotional track. It is now time to continue with the second official single ‘Wild Horses’, that will be promoted with quite the eye catching music video as well!

We probably all know how Birdy started her career once by covering Bon Iver’s ‘Skinny Love’. This became her first worldwide hit, but the solo material she has written herself ever since is is quite impressive too to say the least. The captivating single ‘Wings’ from second album Fire Within was a decent hit, but definitely deserved more, just like ‘Keeping Your Head Up’, one of the best singles of the year so far if you ask me. So will ‘Wild Horses’ bring her deserved success? That is of course hard to say, but she once again delivers a single that beautifully balances emotional lyrics and a radiofriendly and memorable chorus. The song tells a story about two lovers who are not destined to be together. “I will survive and be the one who’s stronger. I will not beg you to stay. I will move on and you should know I mean it. Wild horses run in me”, she sings with her characteristic emotive vocal style. The story is translated to visuals perfectly in the music video with the romance between a human and a mermaid. Both the song and the video deserve it to be seen and heard by a large audience!




Ruth B - Lost Boy
Time to do away with “I Won’t Grow Up“: In 2015, the anthem of Peter Pan‘s Lost Boys belongs to Ruth B.

The singer/songwriter, who first broadcast her talents on Vine, catapulted to viral fame earlier this year with “Lost Boy,” a beautiful, broken down musing on finding salvation that nearly nine-million YouTube viewers have seen. Now signed to Columbia, she’s made her way into the Top 5 of iTunes singer/songwriter charts, and above, PopCrush is proud to premiere an acoustic set of the song that helped get her there.

“When I initially came up with the idea, it was just some fun words thrown to a catchy melody, but when I sat down to actually write it, I really did want to give it a message,” she shared. “The song had a lot of potential to just be about Peter Pan, fairies and pixie dust, but I wanted people to be able to relate to it.”




RO - What you like
First there’s ‘the older brother’, Leandro, and then there’s ‘the amazing sense of humour’ of the duo, Jethro. The one thing you can’t ignore about RO is their ‘cooler than you’ bromance that brings a laid-back vibe to any room. They’re your comb-over, V-neck, shades-indoors and skinny-jeans-with-boots type of dudes. They’re so genuine, it makes you feel you’ve known them for a lifetime.

“We’re ‘Swifty’ and that’s fine.”

“We met early in 2015 – by chance we were both performing at a school awards ceremony. One could say it was love at first note. From there we got to spend a lot of time together, and nothing beats the feeling of knowing that you and your partner have the same vision and passion.” ~ RO