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New Music: 30 March 2016

Gwen Stefani - Misery
Gwen Stefani doesn't release her new LP This Is What the Truth Feels Like until March 18th, but the No Doubt singer has unveiled the album's latest single and opening track "Misery." Despite the dour title, the catchy single is actually an anthem to a new relationship, with the only "misery" being when Stefani's away from the song's fledgling romance. The video features the track's handwritten, feel-good lyrics. "Misery" follows This Is What the Truth Feels Like singles "Make Me Like You" and the breakup ballad "Used to Love You." Stefani's new album, her first since 2006's The Great Escape arrives March 18th.



American Authors - Pride
It’s an instant sing-along, the tune just requiring a few listens before you’ll be singing right along with Zac Barnett on the anthem that seems to be about being content with yourself, even if you feel lost or if life seems uncertain at the moment. “My home don’t feel the same. Last year flew by, goodbye to the good vibes… Now I’m lost in the neighborhood that raised me…” goes a portion of the first verse, much of the song casting that vibe about feeling alienated in what was once the familiar, struggling to cope and find where your new place in the world is.

The message is no matter how lost, you will find your place, especially if you hold on to your pride.



Walking on Cars - Speeding cars
Walking on Cars are a five-piece Irish alternative rock band, composed of Patrick Sheehy (singer/lyricist), Sorcha Durham (pianist), Dan Devane (lead guitarist), Paul Flannery (bass guitarist) and Evan Hadnett (drummer). They released their debut single, "Catch Me If You Can", in 2012 which went to No. 1 on the Irish iTunes chart. Releasing their debut EP, As We Fly South, in 2013, their EP, Hand in Hand, (2014) was released alongside their single, "Always Be with You". They released their single "Speeding Cars" on Friday, 30 October 2015. The band released their debut album, Everything This Way, on 29 January 2016.



Kris Allen - Waves
American Idol winner Kris Allen is back with his brand new single "Waves," which is off his forthcoming studio album, and it is charming.

Overall, Kris Allen is back stronger than ever on his new single "Waves." It is sultry, infectious, and it features his rich, atmospheric voice. This new tune is a substantial indication that his upcoming studio album Letting You In is promising. Knowing Allen and his track record, one could not expect anything less. "Waves" garners an A rating.