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New Music: 09 March 2016

James Bay - Best Fake Smile
Expressing complicated and hard-to-describe feelings through song is a staple of many successful singer-songwriters, and the bar continues to push higher with every successive generation of musicians. Such is the case with twenty-four year old James Bay and his epic debut album Chaos and the Calm, released this Tuesday via Republic Records. Chaos and the Calm presents a cohesive musical set from a fast-rising artist who throws his body and mind fully into every song.

Uptempo, electric and full-band is the way to go when you really want to make a big impression, which is exactly what Bay goes for on “Best Fake Smile.” Chaos and the Calm‘s first attempt at a pop standard, “Best Fake Smile” beats out most of the garbage on Top 40 these days. Clever lyrics, a headbanger beat, and an earworm chorus (No you don’t have to wear your best fake smile… Oh, oh, oh, if you don’t like it)


Eliza and the Bear - It Gets Cold
lorence and her Machine, Marina and her Diamonds; both stunning, vocally talented ladies that back up their efforts with a supporting force – for Florence, her Machine is her band, whilst Marina is surrounded by her Diamonds-like fans. It makes perfect sense then, that you would expect Eliza to be bolstered by her bear, however, you may be intrigued to find that there is no bear, or indeed, no Eliza.

The lack of Eliza is more than prominent once you see the all-male quintet known as Eliza and the Bear. The band, hailing from London – most frequently the main British epicentre for musical unearthings – can be noted for making euphoric tinged folk-lite songs of the sort that can be strummed around the brazier in your back garden. With an appropriate band name that sounds like it was plucked from an old parable, Eliza and the Bear can be slotted in between Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers and Arcade Fire with their latest single It Gets Cold. This immediately becomes evident by the sub-genre cornerstones of riddling guitars, pounding, tribal-esque drums and a generous brass section, and all that is prior to the jubilant, sing-a-long ending.




Hailee Steinfeld ft DNCE - Rock Bottom
Following the success of her EP Haiz, Hailee Steinfeld has graced our ears with a revamped version of her single 'Rock Bottom', featuring Joe Jonas's latest project DNCE. 

The song comes less than a day after Steinfeld announced on Twitter that she had finished filming the official music video for the song. 

DNCE also just announced that they're joining Selena Gomez on her Revival Tour, which opens in Las Vegas in May. 

It appears that the DNCE-Steinfeld collab isn't over just yet, either. On Twitter, Steinfeld teased that she was "warming up for rehearsals with DNCE for something special coming up", so only time will tell where this melodic collaboration leads.