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New Music: 10 February 2016

Tyler Shaw - House of cards
Tyler Shaw (born April 8, 1993) is a Canadian singer and the winner of the "MuchMusic Coca-Cola Covers Contest 2012" organized by the specialized Canadian music cable channel Much (TV channel). He rose to fame through the contest and subsequently released his debut single, "Kiss Goodnight", through Sony Music Canada in December 2012. The song was certified Gold by Music Canada in April 2013. Shaw's debut studio album, Yesterday, was released on September 4, 2015.



The Parlotones - Treasure
South Africa’s premier rock outfit, The Parlotones, have returned to the music scene with a new offering.
As usual, the quartet have come up with unique ways of presenting their music. We caught up with front-man, Kahn Morbee, who has crossed over seamlessly from his solo album last year to this project.

“For me, the process of song-writing and recording is an ongoing thing which I enjoy a lot. It never really feels like work. Indeed, there is effort and time spent, but I often say that an hour in peak hour traffic would be more draining on me than five days in studio,” he said.
The Parlotones have made a name for themselves with their memorable videos and continue the trend with an interesting concept for the song Treasures.

“The shoot for Treasures went really cool. In the concept you will see me go through these different realms of classic movies. In one scene I will be in Godzilla and my only escape is this one door. When I open it, I end up in another scene where I am being chased by cannibals, then the other one by a woman with a gun and I end up in a World War scene. It’s quite fun and it was kind of a dress-up party because every few minutes I’d have to change the outfit for another scene,” said an ecstatic Morbee.




Josie Fields - Hey Yo
After a nine year career, four albums and receiving six (6) South African Music Award (SAMA) nominations by 2012 including Best Female Artist: Josie Field has had one of the more interesting journeys through the South African music landscape.

Her signature sound is a potent mix of lyricism and fire, heart-felt issues and tender constructions. She has a unique voice as well as vocal delivery style that sets her apart from the mainstream pop princesses of the music world. This marked leaning to sing about actual issues means that her guitar-led songs have an edge to them that many do not expect. Having dabbled in soul, blues and country in her third album and with strong elements of jazz coming through on her latest release, Josie is no ordinary folk musician, don’t be misled by the singer/songwriter tag.




Men of Mountains - Big Sleep
Men of Mountains are one of SA’s newest rising bands and ‘Big Sleep’ showcases the incredible song writing talent from this new group along with frontman
Conor’s powerful vocals. The single also gives voice to a talented band who is ready to be heard.

‘Big Sleep’ is the lead single from Men of Mountains’ forthcoming Debut EP, ‘Songs For The Ocean’ and the single is set for digital release on Friday 12th February through Sony Music in South Africa.

“Big Sleep is a song about coming to terms with a dying relationship and the lengths someone will go to keep it afloat. It’s a story that fits into the theme of contemplating the effects that love and affection have on people. That is essentially what our new EP ‘Songs For The Ocean’ is about. It’s an in-depth analysis on my personal struggles with failed love and relationships and coming to terms on how to deal with it,” comments frontman Conor Fathe-Aazam.