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New Music: 27 January 2016

Florence & The Machine - Delilah
Florence and the Machine jump giddily between melodramatic bombast and dance floor exhalation on "Delilah," a new song from their upcoming third album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.

Driven, as always, by Florence Welch's incomparable voice, "Delilah" begins sparsely with the singer's multi-tracked call-and-response vocals sailing atop a simple piano and simmering synths.

The song's first crescendo, though, doesn't burst, but tapers back as Welch leans into her falsetto and brings "Delilah" to its exuberant, gospel-tinged core. "It's a different kind of danger, and my feet are spinning 'round / Never knew I was a dancer until Delilah showed me how," Welch belts defiantly throughout the song.


John Newman - Something Special
On Revolve, Newman avoids the soppy ballads of his rival in favour of ebullient, retro soul-pop that’s awash with guitar licks, stonking horns and sharp grooves from top US producers.
The LA sessions must have cost his label a fortune, but it was worth it. Backed by Michael Jackson’s musicians, he even appears to channel Jacko on the lithe R&B of Killing Me.

Newman emerges as a maturing vocal talent in his own right on the swaggering funk of We All Get Lonely, the slinky Something Special and rasping anthem Give You My Love.



Olly Murs - Stevie Knows
You're probably still obsessed with 'Kiss Me', but the next single to come from Olly Murs has now been revealed. 'Stevie Knows' was confirmed to be his next release on Radio 1, following the special re-issue of his fourth album Never Been Better just last month. The track, which will mark Murs's seventh single to come from the album overall, was written by Alexander Izquierdo, Ian Kirkpatrick and Sam Martin.




Ellie Goulding - Army
As we all know, Ellie Goulding is about to drop a new album, called Delirium, next week. The British singer-songwriter started a campaign for which she released a new song every week until the album release. This week, the new track is ‘Army’, not really a promo single, but actually the second official single taken from the record. 

Frequent readers of this blog might have already realized that I am not a big fan of this new era for Ellie. ‘On My Mind’ was just a tuneless mess if you ask me that didn’t even come close to the standard Ellie produced before and ‘Something In The Way You Move’ was nice enough, but could also have been recorded by Carly Rae Jepsen or any other pop singer. After the release of the not really single worthy ‘Lost & Found’ last week she is now back with ‘Army’ that finally sounds like actual Ellie Goulding!




Nina Nesbitt - Chewing gum
This gorgeous young lady had a great year in 2013 when her debut album Peroxide (with the fantastic title track) was released.

The sound of ‘Chewing Gum’ is completely different to what she has done before as well. It is much more Tove Lo than Amy MacDonald if you know what I mean! Speaking about Tove, the style and instrumentation of ‘Chewing Gum’ is actually not miles away from her hit ‘Talking Body’. Gone is the folky singer-songwriter vibe, replaced by an electronic pop sound with quite a sassy attitude in the lyrics. Most of all ‘Chewing Gum’ is a well written pop tune with a catchy and smart hook that is based on the sentence: ‘I’m just chewing gum, until the flavour’s gone.” This is an exciting first taste of what we can expect from miss Nesbitt!