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New Music: 19 January 2016

Blue October - Home
Home is the forthcoming eighth studio album by Blue October.[1] The album was recorded between August and November 2015 at Orb Studios in Austin, Texas and Justin Furstenfeld's home studio Crazy Making Studio. Long time collaborator Tim Palmer co-produced and mixed the album. The anticipated release date is April 22, 2016 through Blue October's label Up/Down Records. The first single, the title track "Home" made its radio debut December 16, 2015.


Taylor Swift - Out of the woods
The vast chorus of “Out Of The Woods” combusts like the closing sequence of an 80’s action movie, a muscular chant that finds Swift bursting with confidence while spitting out the questions, “Are we out of the woods yet? Are we in the clear yet?” The kaleidoscopic synthesizers and stacked drums once again demonstrate just how far Swift has strayed from her acoustic roots, but her lyrical details are as evocative as ever, as she spins a story of tenuous romance that includes images of a car crash, a forgotten Polaroid and a decision “to move the furniture, so we could dance.” Producers like Antonoff may be guiding Swift into bold new places sonically, but she remains a writer capable of presenting striking, instantly unforgettable images.



Shawn Hook - Sound of your heart
Vancouver native, Shawn Hook, has followed up his successful electro-pop single ‘Million Ways’ with the darker and lush ‘Sound of Your Heart’, and we’ve got the exclusive music video premiere right here!

The beautifully shot clip, features Shawn and his love interest in scenes of softly falling snow, reminiscent of Katy Perry’s ‘Unconditionally’ video.

‘Baby I’m in love with you, and I’m missing the sound of your heart beating’, sings Shawn in front of a piano, as he tries desperately not to lose the girl.


Of Monsters and men - Wolves without teeth
After several years of steady touring, Hilmarsdottir, Þorhallsson and their three ­bandmates say they went into new album Beneath the Skin as closer friends, and have described their ­sophomore effort as more personal and ­introspective.

On "Hunger" and "Wolves Without Teeth" -- cryptic love songs built on moody guitars and keyboards and rolling tom-tom beats -- Hilmarsdottir and Þorhallsson allude to both drowning and being eaten by wolves.


A great big world - Oasis
Although there are a heavy amount of pop songs on this album, it is still filled with the emotionally impacting songs listeners who are familiar with “Say Something” will resonate with. Particularly, “Oasis” speaks on love and coining someone as their “oasis,” and has both a great piano chord progression as well as a great beat behind it. For listeners who are looking for a song to dance to at their wedding, look no further.