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New Music: 10 December 2015

Newton Knife Gang - Silver & Gold
The boys from Newtown Knife Gang are back with a brand new single – ‘Silver and Gold’. The song starts off with some vocals over a synth-line giving the track an almost apocalyptic feel with the lyrics ‘like the planets all have holes and we survived’. Soon after, you can be sure to hear their signature hard rock chorus followed by their more subtle verses over some rim fills and processed vocals.

To be honest, I liked their previous single ‘Crossroads’ a little more, but be sure to hear “Silver and Gold” playlisted on your local rock and alternative radio stations.

Catch Newtown Knife Gang at Sundowners Pub on 28 November.



Lucy Rose - Till The End
Lucy Rose’s second album, Work It Out, is a bold and, for some, unexpected move in a new direction.

Whilst the familiar acoustic guitar and folk-tinged melodies of her previous work remain, on Work It Out they are clad in bright electronic flourishes and intense, forceful arrangements that drive the record forwards. At times, this new direction gives the album the sound of summer, at others, it provides a frame for the artist to channel songs, many written with minimal equipment on road, into powerful discussions on the concepts of love, life and home. Combining the ability to write songs on piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar or just with an £8 app and an iPad on a tour bus, Lucy has written a record that, with its blend of intimacy, intensity and melody, may be one of the album’s of the year.

Today, we premiere the interactive video for Lucy’s latest single, “Till the End”. Click on the individual screens in the video to see Lucy play each instrument in the song. Much like the rest of Work It Out, this track and especially this video is unmistakably, 100% Lucy Rose.




Ben Rector - Brand New
Ben Rector’s Brand New is full of stories. From the honest lyrics on “Something Beautiful” to the hopeful track, “Brand New” to a story about a flight with a stranger in “30,000 Feet,” each song is meaningful, honest and real.

The first track on Brand New is “Something Beautiful,” and it opens the album on the perfect note, showing you exactly who Ben Rector is right off the bat - no masks or gimmicks. “Something Beautiful” is just that; beautiful. The song is very raw and simplistic, just Rector’s voice alongside a piano, with string elements only providing some more emotion when needed. The song, like much of Brand New isn’t complex at all, but it shows just who Ben Rector is.

It’s no surprise that a song like “Brand New” follows the strong opening track, carrying the same bright, hopeful tone as “Something Beautiful.” The chorus of the title track is catchy and fun to listen to, though I’m not necessarily a fan of the echoey effect on the vocals (especially the backing vocal parts) in the song.