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Entertainment News

Jay Z Becomes The First Rapper Ever To Be Inducted Into The Songwriters Hall Of Fame

“Came from the bottom the bottom, to the top of the pops”

Jay Z is having a pretty great year. The rapper, who’s expecting twins with wife Beyoncé, has gone from “bricks to Billboard, from grams to Grammys,” and now he’s a Hall of Famer. 

On Wednesday, it was announced that the rapper will be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame this summer, making him the first rapper ever to earn the honor.

Tom Hanks is writing his first book, a collection of short stories

Tom Hanks and his trusty typewriter are coming to book form. The Academy Award-winning actor’s first book, a collection of short stories, will be published by Knopf in October, the publisher announced Tuesday.

Uncommon Type: Some Stories will include 17 tales, each involving the clickety-clack of a different typewriter. Hanks collects vintage typewriters and owns more than 100 of them, according to Knopf.

Angelina Jolie Breaks Her Silence on ‘Very Difficult’ Brad Pitt Divorce

The actress and activist has given her first public comments on her divorce battle in a tearful interview with the BBC to promote her new Cambodian war epic.

The actress Angelina Jolie has spoken publicly about her separation from Brad Pitt for the first time.

In an emotional interview with the BBC, Jolie said of her marital breakdown, "It was very difficult. Many people find themselves in this situation.