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Entertainment News

Justin Trudeau’s butt is the internet’s latest obsession

Social media was buzzing on Friday night after it was discovered that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a rather impressive backside. The photo going viral showed the 45-year-old in form-hugging pants as he addressed the audience during a speaking engagement. The rather impressive pic showed off Trudeau’s best side and nobody could cope! Some called it “the best thing on the internet today” while others cried “sexism”. Either way, Mr. Trudeau’s butt has definitely made politics much more interesting to watch.

Moonlight wins best picture after announcement mix-up

Moonlight has won best picture at the Oscars - but only after Faye Dunaway initially said La La Land had won.' Warren Beatty was handed the previous winner's envelope, containing a card saying "Emma Stone, La La Land", resulting in the error. The team from La La Land was in the middle of its acceptance speeches when the mistake was discovered.

Jimmy Kimmel Might Retire From Late-Night ‘Live!’ in 2019

The late-night wars have seen a surprising shift in recent months, as Colbert’s Late Show begins to overtake Fallon’s Tonight Show ratings, but might we be in for another shake-up soon? Perhaps over at ABC, as Jimmy Kimmel is apparently considering leaving Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2019.

Sunday’s Oscar host Kimmel indicated as much in a new interview with Variety, noting that he might not renew his current Jimmy Kimmel Live! contract after its expiration in fall 2019.