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Iono - Behind the Bulletins


Missing Malaysian Plane Was Off Course

The search for the missing Malaysian Airlines Plane continues with officials still no closer to answering questions over its mysterious disappearance. 

Team Namibia Remembers Paul van Schalkwyk

Team Namibia has issued a remembrance note in honour of Paul van Schalkwyk who sadly died in a plane crash over the weekend. 

GBV Offenders Should Be Refused Parole

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Gender Equality and Family Affairs says people who are convicted of gender-based violence offences should be denied parole. 

MICT Thanks Namibian For Prayer Day Support

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology has issued a statement thanking Namibians for their positive response to the President’s call for a national day of prayer against gender-based violence. 

UK Donates 1.8 Billion Towards SKA Project

UK Science Minister David Willetts has announced funding of N$ 1.8 billion for the Square Kilometer Array project. The SKA project is an international effort to build the world’s largest radio telescope.