The Waking Crew 2.0

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The Coffee Break

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The Hard Drive

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The Headrush

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Broadcast News


Daily news updates by Radiowave's Newscasters


CoW Struggling Financially To Expand The Capital's Boundaries

The City of Windhoek Municipality says it is faced by extreme financial challenges which will hamper it from developing land amongst others. Windhoek mayor, Agnes Kafula is reported as saying the CoW is pleased with the extension of the capital’s boundaries, but due to financial constraints it remains a challenge to develop the extensions. 

Our Brain Sees No Difference Between Emoticons And Real Faces

Researchers say the information technology revolution is influencing our biological evolution as well. A recent study published in the journal Social Neuroscience shows that the human brain is reacting to emoticons as if they were real human faces. 

North Yorkshire Homes Under Threat Following Another Sinkhole

Three homes have been evacuated over fears one was in danger of collapse after a sinkhole - the UK's sixth in a month - opened up. 

Amplats' Multi-Million Rand Charge To Amcu Could Shake Up Labour Relations

Amplats’ decision to charge mineworker union Amcu a provisional 591-million-Rands for the cost of its ongoing strike could shake up labour relations in the country. 

Nampol Arrests Karibib House Robbers

4 robbers over the weekend struck Karibib when they robbed a couple at their home. Ever since Nampol has been hard at work tracking the suspects down. On Saturday Nampol’s hard work paid off when they arrested three of their 4 suspects still in Karibib.