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New Music: 30 September 2016

The Fray - Singing Low  
Singing Low is the lead single from The Fray’s upcoming singles compilation. Is it supposed to be a culmination of everything that’s come before it? Is it supposed to show the new horizons the band will explore? Is it supposed to be a smash hit like so many of their singles before it? It’s seemingly supposed to do all three, and as such is unlikely to actually accomplish any one.

The new track actually skews closest to The Fray’s breakout debut album, How to Save a Life. It may not have that record’s style of baroque ornamentation, instead opting for expensive-sounding synth pads, but it does have the sweeping, moody style down-pat. Singer Isaac Slade displays an impressive falsetto in the chorus, and his trademark emotional yelps in the verses. Thanks to his voice, the song is identifiably by The Fray, but with the smooth instrumental and falsetto it could also be mistaken for an early Coldplay song. It’s enjoyable, but forgettable. It’s easy to sing along to the chorus’ drawn out notes, but once the song is over, they don’t stick in your head like You Found Me. The Fray have never exactly been the kings of emotional depth or creativity, so without catchiness, what do they have?


New Music: 21 September 2016

Kings Of Leon - Waste A Moment
Last month, Kings Of Leon announced their new album, , and last week they unveiled lead single “,” which now has a new video to go along with it. It features some surreal imagery involving blindfolds, cheerleaders, and a stray eyeball, all of which stems from a duel between an intimidating-looking man and lead singer Caleb Followill

Fans can likely read into a deeper meaning, but it seems as though the band might be messing with viewers by having them “waste a moment” watching this strange amalgamation of a video.


New Music: 14 September 2016

Tegan & Sara - Stop Desire
Tegan And Sara are steamrolling through the lead-up to their new album, Love Me To Death: Over the past month, we’ve gotten three singles — the energetic one-two knockout “Boyfriend” and “U-Turn” and the more muted “100x” (plus videos for all of them) — and today they’re sharing a fourth, the undeniably infectious “Stop Desire,” which debuted on Zane Lowe’s Beats1 show. It’s about wanting someone to take the hint and declare devotion (“Take this passion, turn it into action”), but takes a roundabout way to get there, all building to a soaring, anthemic, knee-shakingly great hook.