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New Music: 14 December 2016

Charlie Puth - Dangerously
Charlie Puth is vulnerable, raw, and "drunk off love" in his new "Dangerously" music video, released on Wednesday (Nov. 2).

Going back to basics, Puth is seen in a simple white T-shirt and distressed jeans belting his lyrics to an ex-girlfriend in a mirror. Toward the end of the video, the "We Don't Talk Anymore" singer punches the image of his ex in the mirror, leaving his hand bloody and bruised.

Puth is no stranger to emotions, as his raw debut album Nine Track Mind proves. 

New Music: 07 December 2016

Stuart Reece - Away Away  
Away Away is the 4th single released off of the Broke Down Beat Down EP and the follow up to My Sweet Lady. The song tells a positive story of believing in something bigger than yourself and pursuing your dreams no matter what circumstances you face.



New Music: 30 November 2016

Louisa Johnson - So Good
Louisa Johnson has released the first proper taster of her forthcoming debut album - and it's 'So Good'.
"It was one of the first songs I recorded once I'd come off the show and finished the tour," Louisa told Digital Spy of her big new single.
"It's quite a dark song and a lot different to other stuff I've sung before. It's also a lot different to what people may expect.
"It just clicked with me. I could relate to the words. It's kind of like that thing in life where you do go out, get really drunk and regret it the next day, but you had such a good time."

Obviously coming off a high-profile talent show like The X Factor adds pressure when it comes to deciding on your first big original number, but 'So Good' always felt like the natural choice for Louisa.

"Picking the song wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. It's important to show people you," she said.