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28 March: Tafel Lager 28th Independence Day Celebrations ft Jackson Wahengo & The Homeboys

Date: Wed 21 March

Time: 8pm

Venue: Warehouse Theatre

Entrance: Advance for N$120 on / PayToday app / Airtime City Kiosk /  Warehouse Theatre

N$150 at the door

Ondjila Y`Ondjaba Concert Agency, the Warehouse Theatre and Tafel Lager join forces to produce a memorable event around Namibia`s 28th Independence: The Tafel Lager 28th Independence Celebrations. One highlight will be the performance of the eleven-piece musical group cum dancers spearheaded by vocalist-guitarist Jackson Wahengo, a leading new generation Namibian musician with the rare ability to transform traditional music stiles into a sound that attracts the Namibian youth of the day.

The Warehouse Theatre opens its doors at 17h00 with a feast of crispy Kapana, sundowner cocktails and live acoustic music at the Boiler Room, courtesy of Jacob & Taylor from 6pm - 8pm.

At 20h00 Jackson Wahengo & The Homeboys brace the stage in the Warehouse Theatre itself, with a two hour musical program from Cuban ballads to South African Mbaqanga, from West African Wolof to highly danceable Namibian Shambo. Thereafter – still in the Warehouse Theatre - D-Jay Seboa takes revelers through a mix of West-African, Old School and Deep House and offers a tribute to Namibian musicians, who have recently passed, including the great Hugh Masekela.

 Local rock band “The Fate of Miss H” keeps the vibe going in the Boiler Room from 9pm – 11pm, followed by Jacob & Taylor until the end of the night. During the entire evening the Warehouse Theatre will be brightly lit from outside – a shining invitation to city dwellers to make their way to the place, where Independence is being celebrated in style.

JACKSON WAHENGO  may rightfully be referred to as Namibia’s currently most celebrated guitarist. His music is heavily rooted in the African tradition, blended with contemporary urban sounds and strong influences of Jazz, Zouk, Reggae and Afro-folk – or Shambo as we Namibians would call it. His life-story begins in Ndola, Zambia where he was born in 1978 as an exile-Namibian. He spent his childhood years in Angola and Congo (Brazzaville) until Namibia gained independence. After years of strumming the guitar with the Mighty Dreads, Jackson Wahengo honed his skills as Jazz guitarist at the University of Cape Town. He moved to Geneva in 2008 and is now based in Copenhagen. Jackson has played with numerous bands in Namibia, South Africa, Denmark and Switzerland and one of the highlights of his career was a concert at the renowned Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

JACKSON & HUGH – Wahengo takes a pause, once in a while, from performances in the Diaspora, to visit his beloved homeland Namibia. This time he came to Namibia with a vision. He landed here early September 2017 with a song `in his luggage` – a tribute to Hugh Masekela. Only a rough version existed at the time. The idea was to play it to Hugh Masekela in South Africa and to seek his assistance – either in the form of a musical collaboration or a co-production of sort. Contacts were made with the Chirs Syren of Making Music in Cape Town, who has worked with Hugh Masekela on numerous occasions, to facilitate such exchange. When the demo was ready to be sent to Cape Town, news reached Namibia of the untimely passing of Hugh Masekela. The recording was still finalized with the involvement of local musicians, Kali Kasinda, Esme Katjikuru and Romancia Shoonga and with a `Hugh Masekela style` trumpet solo filtered into the recording, courtesy of Cape Town musician Robin Cock. The song `”Masekela (Play your Trumpet)” will be debuted and performed live on the 21st of March.

THE `HOMEBOYS` BAND – consists of Amakhoe Gaweseb on bass, Brandon Nanub on drums, Tulonga Wahengo on rhythm guitar, Kali Kasinda on keyboards, Nangula Amwaalwa on backing vocals, Jesus Lasso Rey on violin and Wilbert Africa on trumpet. Also featured will be traditional dancers Ileni Kristian, Anna Kristian and Tracy Paulus.

TICKETS – cost N$ 120 in advance and can be purchased on the website, or from PayToday and Airtime City vending machines. Tickets at the door cost N$ 150 and a separate entrance fee will be charged at the Warehouse Loft venue.