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24 March: Dark Blue Orchestra @ FNCC

For the first in Namibia, the French music band Dark Blue Orchestra will be on stage in the context of the Francophonie celebrations of March.  For a punchy final, a closing concert with the French music group as headliner will end the Francophonie Week at the FNCC on the Saturday 24th of March.  Local artists like Shungu, Four by Four and Dolar are also expected.

"The Dark Blue Orchestra" will steep the listener into a cabaret-rock universe both broody and romantic, in the vein of Ziggy Stardust or Phantom of the Paradise. One hears Scott Walker, Tom Waits, Nick Cave and The Doors, all cleverly arranged with string orchestrations reminiscent of Debussy and Ravel. 

The story of the group begins in 1997, when Don DiMartino and Salossin Freeman meet  and decide to write together a body of work inspired by true events of their lives.    Hyper-sensitive and certainly disillusioned by what is commonly accepted as “reality”, both blood brothers indeed compose requiems for the screen as for the stage. 

This is where The Dark Blue Orchestra truely shines and allowing each of its’ colourful character to bring his rather obscure past to the glimmering party.

So the four members of the group promise a real and off-road musical experience…

Come at the FNCC to discover the complex personalities of its members and their grandiose ambitions, where reality is sometimes stranger than fiction, in an aesthetic that evokes Jim Jarmusch and the universe of gipsy travelers, moving forward into the mysterious journey called Life.

Put on the Namibian map thanks to the country’s very own Sean K, who won a ticket to France through the “FNCC flies you to France” competition by organizing a collaboration with them, the Dark Blue Orchestra’s music tells tales about birth, love, redemption and everything that happens in between. 

Dark Blue Orchestra for the first time in Namibia!

Concert with Shungu Chef Rumba, 4x4 too much power and Yves Dolar

AT THE FNCC, Saturday 24th March, 5PM-10PM 

N$30 for children, N$60 for adults