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29 Sept - 19 Oct: Exhibition "Free to Fly"

Get ready to fly away at FNCC with the exhibition and auction "Free to Fly" by students and artists friends of the Barbara Bohlke art school on Friday 29 September at 17h30!

Join us on Friday September 29th, for the opening of a colorful exhibition for charity that will display the talents of students and artists friends of the Barbara Böhlke Art School. 

Ranging in age from 6 to 80, they donated over 100 paintings around the interpretation of the theme ‘Free to Fly’ that will be exhibited from September 29th to October 19th.

The artworks will be on sale at a very affordable price, while 10 paintings by well-known artists will be auctioned on September 29th at 19:00.Thanks to the generous contribution of the FNCC, Windhoek Stationers and Colas Namibia, all proceeds from the sales and auction will go to the non-profit organization “Wilderness Therapy”. It wishes to empower ‘high risk’ youth through the combination of adventure – nature – purpose - responsibility and personal growth including therapeutic techniques as an alternative to traditional counselling/therapy, which normally happens in an office behind a desk. Wilderness Therapy is internationally used and a very appropriate method to reach Youth. Focusing on the Youth, meant the organization had to look for elements that could address self-awareness, strengths, values, changed behaviour, teamwork, and making choices.

When physically challenged with hiking in the wilderness for 120 km over 8 days, the young individuals only have themselves and their team mates and leaders to count on - they are confronted with a new perspective on where they fit in the bigger cosmos. Their program also incorporate a mentoring element and runs over a period of ±18 months, which includes weekly life skills sessions, community projects/service and other educational/learning activities and experiences for example the career week and parental guidance seminars.

Contributing artists Barbara Pirron, Cathy McRoberts, Elisia Nghidishange, Fillipus Sheehama, Helen Harris, Hercules Viljoen, Isabel Katjvivi, Ismael Shivute, Mieke Droomer, Nicky Marais and Barbara Böhlke have all donated paintings in the same format, following the theme to support the cause.

Visitors can look forward to viewing artworks of a high standard in a wide variety of media ranging from paint, both oil and acrylic, pastels and mixed media. Barbara Böhlke is an acclaimed painter and has been teaching art for more than 20 years to students from all walks of life. Her eponymous Art School is located on Kenneth Kaunda Street in Klein Windhoek.

Join us in numbers for a splendid night of art for a good cause! 

Free entry.