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23 September - Ananias Shikongo Charity Fundraising Event

Who can enter?

1. This event is for athletes to enjoy a fun-filled day.

2. All companies and organisations are welcome to participate.

3. Each institution can have a maximum of three teams, each team consisting of two athletes with an unlimited number of substitutes. Athletes may be substituted at any time between points.

4. Athletes can compete for ONE TEAM ONLY throughout the whole day, even teams representing the same company, club or any other form of association. The organizers have the right to use colour or letter codes on players to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings. Athletes may not be “bought” after the first round, e.g. to play in the final rounds to strengthen the team!

Programme and scoring

5. The first phase will be an orientation about Namibian Sport on the move Foundation and training for the participating athletes that will commence at 07:30am. The second phase will be the actual fun competition, where the companies will be competing against each other.

6. The participating teams will compete against each other in a 100-meter race, where one athlete will be blind folded and the team partner will be the guide as they compete.

7. First race starts at 09h00 sharp – teams that are incomplete or late on the field will lose their race.

8. A team not on the field at the scheduled time or after having been requested to will lose that race.

9. Teams or their athletes that avail themselves to rude behaviour or foul language towards any officials, organizers, or participants will be disqualified! Remember you might harm your sponsor/company/good name. 

Entering your team

10. Entry fee is N$ 1500.00 per team which is not refundable. The banking details are attached hereto.

11. Proof of payment together with a completed entry form must be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the team entry is confirmed to participate in the competition.

12. Entry closing date is Friday, 15 September 2017, to enable us to draw up the programme. If you entered but cannot make it, please call us and cancel to allow teams on the waiting list to participate.

13. In the unlikely event of overbooking, the entry fees will be refunded.

14. Read your entry form carefully. Make sure confirmation is received from the organizer, by email, that your team is registered after payment is received.

General rules

15. The organizers reserve the right to change or adapt the programme.

16. The organizers reserve the right to the name “Ananias Shikongo Charity

Fundraising Athletic Event”.

17. The organizers reserve all rights in handling matters and their decisions are final and binding.

18. The officials and security staff have total control over the DTS club premises.

19. The organisers will not be held responsible for any losses, theft or injury whatsoever. Entering the premises and participation is at everyone's own risk.

20. NO PRIVATE ‘BRAAI’, FOOD, OR BEVERAGES CAN BE TAKEN INTO THE PREMISES! Food and drinks are available for purchase all day long.

21. Prepare yourselves for the weather - bring umbrellas, raincoats, chairs, a hat and a good sunscreen.

Before the event

22. The race Schedules will be send to all participating teams a week before the event.


23. Great prizes can be won not only for athletics, but also for Best-dressed teams, Sportiest Team, Best organized team, etc.

24. Prize giving will be held after the final race. 

25. Teams should be present for the prize giving; otherwise the organizers could consider awarding prizes to next best!

Race rules:

26. For you to enjoy yourselves, most of the official rules have been relaxed. But some of the rules will be strictly enforced.


27. Misconduct, foul language and rude conduct by players, substitutes and coaches will lead to disqualification of a team for the rest of the tournament and the immediate removal of such person/s from the Sports grounds.