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Welcome to our Fast Fabulous Feasts! Every week we will give you a tried & tested recipe to add to your family dinners.
Here you will find a collection of weekly additions (every Wedneday) of quick and easy, delicious meals. 

Slap your apron on and get cooking!



Franko's Braai Snoek & Sweet Potato Bake

My husband was kind enough to share his recipe for ‘braai’ snoek.  There are plenty of variations and ways to make this delicious fish, but this is the way we prefer making it.  Just a note:  use real butter, not margarine!

Sweet potato is the traditional accompaniment to braai snoek.  We don’t mash it with butter and sugar because the butter sauce for the fish is already quite sweet.  You can substitute the soup powder I used with Potato Bake, for a few dollars more.

Food Lover’s Market has a variety of fish and seafood all year round – check out their Fresher’s Braai Snoek and Smoked Snoek too!

Happy braaiing!


Little Food Lover's Meatball Pasta

The Food Lover’s Market has its very own cookbook! Love & Food – The Market Cookbook. 

So this week, I decided to explore the pages to find something quick and simple, and found the Little Food Lover’s Meatball Pasta! The book describes it as ‘A dish that the whole family can enjoy together. Simple enough for a child’s palate and comfort food for grown-ups.’ Yum!

Total Cost: N$98.21

Happy cooking!

Nadia xxx

“No Butter” Butter Chicken with Sambel Salad

Butter chicken or murgh makhani is a classic Punjabi recipe  from the North West of India.

Though it is an Indian dish, there is Pakistani, Nepali and Tibetan versions of the dish as well as more modern Anglo-Indian variations.

The version I have included does not include butter, but rather fat free natural yoghurt for the more health conscience.

The dish can also be adapted from mild to hot, depending on your preference.  Remember that the yoghurt neutralizes the chillies so  use green chillies for extra taste.   I also prefer to use chicken breast or thigh, still on the bone.  Serve with a sambel salad (red onion and tomato) and your choice of rice or potatoes.

Total cost N$111.80

Happy cooking!

Nadean xxx

Sage, Lemon & Garlic Pork with sticky roast pumpkin

Sage is a great herb, with many medicinal properties and a great taste.

It has a peppery, seasoned flavour and works well with sausage or pork.

You can make the pumpkin either in the oven under the grill, or on the stove top.

Total cost: N$114.05

Crumbed calamari with lime & fennel dipping sauce

Food Lover's Market have introduced their very own Fresher's range of seafood. From prawns and snoek, seafood mixes and shrimps, and a variety of calamari.

I've always thought making crumbed calamari rings will take a lot of time and effort. That was not the case at all. In fact, it's so quick that you might need a second pair of hands to set the table while you take the calamari rings out of the oil! From start to finish, it takes about 30 minutes.

Falafel & chicken skewers

Jarret and I are both very fond of trying out new recipes and exploring different cuisines.  He suggested I make falafels – fried patties made from chickpeas and/or fava beans.  Falafels were first made in Egypt, but has been adopted as Israel’s national dish and has been perfected by the Greeks.

Falafels go great with chicken and are traditionally eaten in pitas or wrapped in flatbread.  I made couscous as an accompaniment, just for an easy change.

Eggplant & potato moussaka

Moussaka is a Greek dish that reminds me of lasagna, just  without the pasta.  It’s rich, creamy and filling – all the things you want a family dish to be.  Servings: 6 Total Cost: N$120

We all have a staple range of familiar ingredients we stick to when cooking, and we don’t often enough venture into new territory.  The products in our cupboards are the same, month in and month out.  You can almost buy your groceries without a shopping list, because it’s the same stuff every month.

Chicken, potato & coconut curry

An easy curry that you can either made with store-bought coriander pesto, or you can make your very own in 2 minutes with things that are already in your cupboard.  If you use store bought, you will probably go over the N$120 budget, though.

Moroccan chicken and couscous soup

Unlike most comfort soups, this one is healthy and leaves you feeling full but not heavy and bloated, like many comfort foods do.

Aromatic Lamb with Almonds

I stumbled across this delicious lamb stew on .The spices balance so well with the raisins, that even my husband (who hates raisins) said the raisins belong and work great in the dish.

Spicy sweet-potato soup with chili coriander cream

Soup doesn’t only have to be served in winter. This dish is a pleaser any time of the year, with its sweet and spicy flavours that’s not too heavy during this last bit of summer.

Cabbage-wrapped meatballs with sweet paprika & tomato sauce

On a recent trip to Hentiesbay I visited a longtime family friend, ‘tannie’ Soekie. We share a love for cooking and exploring new dishes, and during a Sunday lunch visit she told me about cabbage-wrapped meatballs. At first I thought it sounds like a typical ‘Afrikaans’ meal, but after a bit of research it turns out there are many international variations of this dish. Cabbage rolls are a staple in Croatia, and it’s seen as the ultimate comfort food in Poland.

This is my own take on it, mixing up elements of the versions from Poland, Russia, Sweden and Hungary.

Jarret's Tuscany Chicken

Chicken is a favourite in my household but it can get boring and I’m always looking for new but simple ways to keep using the chicken breast !
If you do the prep work before you start cooking , this shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes and if you can rope your wife and 5 year old in to help, it’ll be even less.

Texas-style Pulled Pork

This dish has changed my life – and I haven’t said that about food in a long time.

Jarret visited a craft beer restaurant while he was in Cape Town last week, and there he had a ‘pulled pork sandwich’. Back in Windhoek he made it sound so good when telling me about it, that I absolutely had to try it out!

Bacon, spinach & mustard frittata

A frittata, in very basic layman’s terms, is a cross between an omelette and a quiche. It is a fantastic dish for a summertime family lunch or weekend dinner. It’s easy, with minimum dishes, and can be served hot or cold, accompanied by bread, salad, or even Saturday night’s leftover braai meat!

Beef Parmigiana

A couple of months ago I posted a recipe for ‘Chicken Parmigiana’ – or ‘pizza schnitzels’ as I dubbed them. But there are some Namibians who say that chicken should be classified as a vegetable, and who would much rather enjoy a piece of red meat.

So just for those who prefer meat from a four legged creature instead of a feathered one, here is a different take on the original delicious and fast meal.

Creamy chicken, spinach & noodle bake

If you serve this dish with a side salad, it is enough food for up to 6 people. Without a side, it can easily cater for a family of 4.
I used chicken fillets, but you can substitute it for meat from cooked chicken pieces or a rotisserie chicken for this dish, but then decrease cooking time to 10 minutes.

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Tuna & Mango Tortillas

Summertime calls for fresher flavours and less time behind the stove. These tortillas are an excellent cold dinner, lunch or brunch and take about 20 minutes to prepare – mixing and frying included!

Tortillas don’t usually contain almonds, but I added these to break the floury taste and add a tad of sweetness to the dough. It just brings that ‘X factor’ to the meal.

Potato Gnocchi with 'Herbacious' mushrooms & bacon

This recipe has been so much FUN to make!  I saw how to make potato gnocchi on Masterchef Australia, and decided to try it myself.  It is dead easy, so the kids can help you, and it doesn’t take long at all. If you really don’t want to make your own gnocchi, you will find it ready-made at Food Lover’s Market, in different flavours.  And it’s available at about N$23 per pack!

Sticky pan-roasted sausages with grapes

This dish is a twist on a family favourite: bangers & mash. Done in 30 minutes, the traditional meal gets a fruity twist with the addition of grapes. You get the same sweet flavour that you would from wine, except without the alcohol, so it’s child-friendly and unoffensive to even the most sensitive palate.
Making mashed potatoes can be very quick, by cutting up the potatoes into large cubes and then cooking them until soft. Add butter and/or milk when you’ve mashed to make it creamy and fluffy.

Reshmi Kebabs ("Silky Sosaties")

This is another recipe for the braai, but it can also be grilled in the oven – which is what I did.
Reshmi kebabs are a traditional Muglai dish from India. The longer you marinate the meat, the silkier and softer it becomes. If you can, marinate it for 24 hours. If you can’t, try and push for 2 hours.

Glazed pork steaks with mango & avo salsa

This meal is summer on a plate…the fresh flavours of mango, avo, onion and coriander and blended together by the humble orange. And it is literally as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 – Only four steps to a healthy meal!
I used pork sirloin steaks, but you can opt for gammon steaks or kassler chops for a more festive approach. Serve the steaks with couscous or pasta rice, drizzled with some of the extra sauce.

Chicken & Basil Cannelloni

Pasta is such a diverse food, and is a family favourite in most households. The secret is just to keep unlocking the various possibilities with traditional pasta dishes, like cannelloni. It is commonly made with beef mince, a tomato-based sauce and beschamel sauce – very much like lasagna.
This recipe is a healthier take on the red-meat version – using chicken and a white sauce with less flour. If you can’t find chicken mince, use boneless breasts – I just cut mine up into very small cubes.

Stuffed Christmas Pork Leg Roast with Reduced Red Wine & Plum Sauce

Just for the record: I have never made a rolled or stuffed roast before this. So I shared in the intimidation you may (or may not) be feeling when you read the headline! But it was a succulent success! It is much easier than it sounds!
I used some of the Freshers Festive Fruit Mix left over from the Xmas Mudcake recipe, so that wasn’t calculated into this cost. Get one if you can - one bucket can get you through quite a few puddings and meals!

Grilled Jerk Chicken with Parmesan Potato Galetta

First up, don’t get frightened by the ingredient list! This recipe REALLY only cost about N$88 dollars to make. That is because I did not need to buy any of the herbs or spices called for. If you don’t have a well-stocked spice rack, get going by buying only one or two different spices per month. Before you know it, you’ll be well stocked and fully prepared for any recipe!

Salami & Blue cheese Pizza with red wine infused onion base

One of my favourite foods will always be pizza – especially when it’s a left-over slice eaten for breakfast!
Like all pizza fans I am quite picky about the type of base. I am a thin-base fan, and I prefer it to be slightly crispy. The base makes or breaks the success of your pizza, and that is why so few people attempt to make their own base at home. Because usually it comes out thick, bready and chewy.

Christmas Mud Cake

The festive bug has bitten the blog!

Christmas is all about family, friends, giving and…tradition. Is that why we endure making and eating things like Christmas fruit cake, thickly spreading it with butter to just make it a bit more palatable? Not one person I spoke to said they like traditional Christmas fruit cake. But they ate it because the fruit mix is so festive, so “Christmassy”. And it is tradition, after all…

Caribbean Nut-Crusted Fish & Sweet Potato Fries

The 14th of November is Denim for Diabetes Day. It’s a day to raise awareness of what diabetes really is, and to support those living with diabetes.
One of the biggest lifestyle changes a diabetic needs to make is changing their eating habits: what, when and how much. Many times it means giving up or cutting down on foods that you really love. Every day’s meals need to be planned and prepared correctly. On top of all this, it can be expensive.

Christine's Chicken Pancakes

This is my very own recipe for the best savoury pancakes ever!
If you ever want to make perfect chicken breasts, use the same grilling method described in the recipe – just cut the chicken whichever way you like (blocks, strips, or schnitzel).

Christmas decoration Cookies

One of my fondest childhood memories about Christmas is being on my grandparents’ farm one year with the entire family. It was a typical dry and hot December in the south of Namibia, and we decided to celebrate it that way. The day before Christmas, the uncles went out to the veld one morning to find us a Christmas tree – a perfectly shaped dry branch that stood up like a normal tree and could be decorated by the children. 

One Pan Bacon Lasagne

When deciding what to cook, there are three things that I specifically look for:

  1. Cost/Ingredients
  2. Preparation time
  3. Dishes

You already know that a recipe on this blog will cost less than N$100 to make. I can also assure you that I don’t easily take on recipes that need preparation days in advance. I’m just not that patient!

Mushroom Bourguignon

Since Food Lover’s Market is one of the best places to shop for fresh produce, it seemed only logical to cook a vegetarian dish this week. This recipe is derived from Beef Bourguignon, a popular French dish. The beef is braised in red wine and stock, and seasoned with garlic, onion and other herbs, as well as mushrooms. In this version the mushrooms completely replace the meat.

Steak Florentine

Food Lover’s Market had a special offer on beef rib-eye steak last week, and I would have been crazy to not buy it for the next recipe!
‘Steak Florentine’ is a dish native to Tuscany in Italy. A simple way to describe it is that it’s an almost unadorned steak, grilled to perfection at very high heat and then seasoned with only a little salt, pepper and garlic, then drizzled with olive oil.

Thai Beef Curry



I thought it was time for something with red meat, so Raimond and Matthew at the office helped me pick this recipe.
There are all kinds of Thai beef curries – from Panang to Madras, red and green. This one is a very easy general version for those who like Thai curry but do not necessarily want to make their own paste or want to buy all the spices.

Braai Day

Braai Day on Monday (24 September) is a S.A. Heritage Day celebration that has washed over to Namibia – and why not? When you go outside in any Namibian town at any given time on a weekend, you will smell the aroma of meat on the fire. If you grew up here, the smell of a braai is unmistakable.So it seemed an absolute shame that I had never braaied on my own before. I’ve turned the ‘wors’ and I’ve prepared the food, but never have I been the Braai Master. Until now! Thank you to my husband who patiently guided me.

Avocado Chicken Parmigiana & caramelised Corn & Red Onion

COOK TIME: 20 minutes
That is not a typo. This meal really only takes 20 minutes from start to finish!

Parmigiana is a thin slice of eggplant or a cut of meat, layered with cheese & tomato-based sauce. For this parmigiana I’ve used ready-crumbed chicken schnitzels from Food Lover’s Market. I bought them for less than uncrumbed chicken fillets, and it saved me the effort – and dishes! - of having to cut, tenderize and crumb the chicken myself.

Paprika chicken with sour cream gravy

Chicken can become boring quickly, which is why I love this recipe. It’s delicious just made without variations. But it’s also easily adaptable to add your own twists and tastes, and you just can’t mess it up!

Pork & Veggies with Smoky Bacon Pears

his dish explores the combination of salt, smoky and sweet together. The flavours are very rich, but oh so good! Grilled potatoes replace rice or pasta on your plate, and you can choose from three vegetable options that all compliment this dish very well.